Friday, 11/10/17

4 Laws of Muscle

Athlete’s Guide to Healthy Grains. Sorry, no Fruit Loops.

The Best Route to Big Fitness? Small Steps

Doing push ups and sit ups may help you live longer.

NCBI study: “Low muscle strength was independently associated with elevated risk of all-cause mortality, regardless of muscle mass, MetS, sedentary time, or LTPA among US older adults”

Signal profiles Valencia’s Britain Reynolds

Always fun: The Master’s University 5K. …Mighty Master’s will be here.

…running wild in the streets, barking and yelling, breaking into businesses and even stripping naked.

Video: Find Yourself By Traveling And Getting Lost. …After 2.5 lackluster and safe years in college, I joined the Navy. And I took some leave and wandered about, alone and with no plan, in Europe. Both decisions changed me forever.

Make relationships, not things

48 Wild Hampsters

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