Weekend, 11/4-5/17

Keep moving. A lot. Tenacious 87-Year-Old Tames a Towering Climb

You’re probably weaker than you were yesterday. How should you train to retain muscle as you age? …What about working outside for hours every day- walking, raking, chopping, cutting, shoveling, pruning, painting, sweeping, building stuff…? It counts, yes?

NYT: Running: Spectator Tips, Hot Tubs and Bloody Marys

Why football sucks. Nick Buoniconti Will Donate Brain to Concussion Research. Left his son a quad since 1985, and Nick probably suffers from C.T.E.

Wow! Just finished Leonardo Da Vinci. Bastard. Unschooled. Probably the best painter of all time. And that was only part time work for him. Insatiably curious. Worked on 30 cadavers. …And so much more. Great gift for that reader in your life.

Just in from 11/10/15. IOC Ready To Strip Medals From Russians. Or maybe not. Alysia Montano is still waiting for her bronze medal.

NYT: How 6 Women Changed the New York City Marathon Forever. 45 years later and no uteri reported missing.

For fanboys and fangirls of Craig Leener and This Was Never About Basketball.

The Master’s Sweep at GSAC Cross Country Championships

Don’t Eat Before Reading This

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